Visina DIR d.o.o. - Working at heights

You need a machine to pick fruit or fix the power lines on rough terrain, clean out your stables or dig sewer installations.

Sometimes you need the machine for a day only, due to location specifics and sometimes you need them every day.

Call us with requirements and have your ideal machine at the farm or a construction site wherever you want within Croatia.

Feel free to ask – we are happy to share our knowledge since complex multifunctional machines like the Multione 25 models have more than  200 tool combinations and you have to know how to make the perfect setup for specific needs.

With a bit of our help, you can get a  smaller, cheaper to run machine doing all of the work equally well.

We are happy to service all your machine needs, whenever and wherever.

Our experiences repair teams in Osijek, Rijeka, Pazin, Split and Zagreb are qualified for all types of work.

We are the only shop in Croatia that repairs all of the machines – even if you did not buy them from us.

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