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Rent, buy or repair new and used lifts and booms, and telescopic baskets or just order parts for yours

When buying multifunctional machines, self-propelled platforms, telescopic forklifts, a car or spider baskets, a dump truck or a skid steer loader, you want a high level of service, reliable and accessible parts and someone who knows their machines to help you choose.

Visina has it all and 15 years of experience to boot.

Ask us about GENIE, MULTIONE, CTE, CMC, LOCUST, HINOWA, FARAONE, MULTITEL i SOCAGE machines – as official Croatian dealership; we have the best prices and terms of the contract.

We can help you choose the right rig for the job.
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All come with a guarantee, and we sort out all of your certificates and papers to the registration.

Used ones are serviced to 100% operational functionality and come with a six months warranty on: Self-propelled scissor platforms, Self-propelled telescopic baskets, Truck basket, Spider basket, Car drivers, Self-propelled platforms, Telescopic forklifts, Multifunctional machines, SKID Loaders, Dumpers, and all other GENIE, MULTIONE, CTE, CMC, LOCUST and HINOWA machines.

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