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General Rental Terms


Clause 1: The agreement is concluded by the signature of the authorized representatives of both parties and in accordance with the provisions of these general rental terms.

Clause 2: The commencement of fulfilling the contractual obligation occurs upon the departure of the machine from the VISINA DIR .d.o.o headquarters and ends upon the return of the machine to the same headquarters. The handover of the machine is accompanied by documents related to the transportation of the machine or handover records. The lessor will not recognize terms of the lessee that deviate from these general rental terms unless expressly agreed upon in writing.

Clause 3: The transportation of the rented machine – equipment to the lessee’s specified location and the return transportation of the machine – equipment after the agreed-upon period to the lessor’s specified location is at the lessee’s expense. In the case where machine transport is organized as special transport, permits and any escorts will be requested on behalf and at the expense of the lessee and are entirely at their risk. In the event of machine delivery at a location outside the VISINA DIR .d.o.o warehouse, the machine is transported at the lessee’s risk and responsibility. By taking possession of the machine, the lessee declares that they have inspected and accepted the machine as operational and suitable for its intended purpose. If the lessee fails to provide the lessor with an adequate location for unloading or loading the machine, causing delays in loading or unloading and resulting in additional costs for the lessor, the lessor will charge the lessee a standing truck cost of 200.00 HRK per hour until the agreed-upon action is completed.
The lessee will provide, at their own expense, appropriate support for loading or unloading the machine if the conditions at the rental location require it.

Clause 4: The lessee is prohibited from altering or performing any interventions on the rented machine, and they are obligated to prevent third parties from doing so. These actions can only be carried out by the lessor’s service department or individuals appointed by them. Written consent from the lessor is required for any interventions by the lessee or third parties on the equipment. In case of violation of this prohibition, the lessee, jointly with the third party, is liable for all damages incurred.

Clause 5: The lessee is required to refuel the rented machine exclusively with the fuel specified by the manufacturer (EURODIESEL). Otherwise, the lessee must compensate the lessor for all resulting damages to the machine and related to the machine.

Clause 6: The lessee must promptly inform the lessor of any errors, malfunctions, or suspected malfunctions of the rented machine – equipment and immediately cease using the machine, preventing its use by third parties. Despite any errors or suspected malfunctions, the lessee may continue to use the machine only with the prior permission of the lessor; otherwise, they are liable for all resulting damages.

Clause 7: The machine is delivered in good condition with accompanying documentation (rental agreement 2 and A-test). Any damage that occurs to the machine, even that caused by unconscious, unprofessional, unauthorized, careless, etc., handling, is solely the responsibility of the lessee.

Clause 8: The lessee is obligated to comply with all legal regulations regarding the use of the machine, especially those related to occupational safety.

Clause 9: For the entire duration of the lease, the lessee assumes full responsibility for any damage that may occur to individuals and property as a result of using the machine or its maintenance. VISINA DIR .d.o.o, as the owner, expressly releases itself from any liability. The undersigned of this contract on behalf of the LESSEE, jointly with the LESSEE, assumes the personal obligation of fulfilling contractual obligations and the possibility of participating as a passive party in legal proceedings if the LESSEE fails to fulfill their obligation.

Clause 10: The lessee is obligated to use the machine with the care of a prudent manager and in accordance with the Agreement and the manufacturer’s instructions. During the lease, the lessee will allow VISINA DIR .d.o.o employees access to the machine’s workplace to conduct necessary checks. The lessee must promptly inform the lessor of all demands or actions by third parties, especially regarding enforcement proceedings (execution, or any other procedure, theft, embezzlement, etc.) on the equipment – machine.

Clause 11: The lessee is prohibited from entering into any legal transactions related to the leased machine – equipment with third parties, especially not subleasing, selling, or creating lien agreements. The operator managing the machine on behalf of the lessee must be technically qualified to operate such a machine.

Clause 12: The lessee must notify the Lessor of the end of the lease agreement on the last day of machine usage via phone call, SMS, or email; otherwise, the lease agreement will be considered not concluded, and the machine rental will be charged until its return to the Lessor’s warehouse.

In case of inability to work due to rain or lack of materials, VISINA DIR .d.o.o. charges rent at 50% of the daily rental price.

Clause 13: The lessee has the right to cancel the already stipulated contract. In this case, VISINA DIR .d.o.o. is entitled to compensation for the incurred costs and lost profits. The lessee cannot cancel the fulfillment of any contracted obligation by VISINA DIR .d.o.o. unless they have fulfilled all their contractual obligations, especially settled rental amounts and making other payments they were obliged to fulfill.

Clause 14: The Lessor may unilaterally terminate the lease relationship immediately and demand the return of the leased machine – equipment in the following cases:
If the lessee stops paying or delays payment of daily rental installments for more than 8 days, or monthly rent if not paid within 8 days after the lessor’s warning.
If the lessee allows unauthorized persons to use the leased equipment – machine.
If the lessee uses the leased equipment – machine for purposes other than intended.
If the lessee operates the leased equipment – machine unprofessionally and in violation of prescribed obligations, causing damage to the equipment – machine.
If the lessee violates the lease agreement or terms despite the lessor’s warning.
If the lessee does not allow inspection of the leased equipment – machine or does not enable verification of its use.
In case of contract termination, the Lessor has the right to immediately take back the leased equipment – machine. The lessee is responsible for the costs incurred during this process (transportation, additional charges). Troškove koje se pritom pojave (plaćanje prijevoza, dodatna davanja) dužan je podmiriti najmoprimac.

Clause 15: The parties voluntarily accept and commit to the provisions of these terms.

Clause 16: The lessee undertakes to inspect the machine every day before use and ensure its safety. In case of any irregularities, the lessee must promptly inform the lessor’s service department (at the number: 01/3335675 or 099/3234704, or email: and must not operate the machine until the lessor’s service department inspects it; otherwise, the lessee is responsible for all consequences of any related accidents. Only a person trained to operate the machine is allowed to operate the leased machine. During the handover of the machine, the lessee signs a handover protocol/lease agreement, confirming the machine’s condition at the time of handover. The machine is handed over to the lessee with a valid A-test specifying the machine’s (platform’s) load capacity for working at height. By signing the lease agreement, the lessee declares and confirms that they have been informed about the significance and content of these terms, safe work practices, and the risks to safety and health.

Clause 17: In the event of a fire caused by the negligence or responsibility of the lessee, VISINA DIR .d.o.o. is authorized to issue an invoice for the days the machine is out of operation, from the incident day until the day it resumes functioning. We hereby declare that we have checked and are familiar with the insurance standards applicable to the use of leased equipment, that the equipment is in excellent working condition, and complies with current safety standards.

Clause 18: The timely payment of the agreed rent and transportation is the lessee’s fundamental obligation. The Lessor has the right to suspend further delivery of machines and take back the machines currently leased if the lessee exceeds the credit limit or has outstanding debts. The Lessor has the right to collect the payment guarantee if available. The Lessor has the right to revoke any agreed-upon discount specified in the lease agreement if the lessee does not meet the agreed-upon payment terms (payment deferral) from previous invoices. In such a case, the Lessor has the right to charge the lessee the full retroactive rental price. The approved discount is valid only if all payment conditions are adhered to.


The party, by signing this lease agreement, agrees to the general rental conditions of the company VISINA DIR d.o.o., which are publicly available on the website

Important phone numbers: Service Zagreb: Alen 099/323-4720, Service Osijek: Mario 099/323-4705, Service Rijeka: Damir: 099/323-4706, Driver Zagreb: Stjepan 099/323-4708, Driver Osijek: Goran 099/323-4713.

The machine’s condition is as stated above. Additional costs may arise from improper use of the machine (failure to replenish consumables such as oil, distilled water). The authorized person designated by the lessee confirms, with their signature, that they are thoroughly familiar with how to operate and maintain the machine.

Hydraulic self-propelled platforms are prohibited from being used as a crane or hoist, and performing sandblasting tasks is not allowed. The machine must not be soiled with paint or concrete; if this occurs, restoring the machine to its original condition is the responsibility of the lessee.

The lessee must inform the lessor of the end of the lease agreement on the last day of machine usage via phone call, SMS, or email.

The lessee is required to daily check the levels of motor oil, hydraulic oil, and distilled water in the batteries. The lessee undertakes to inspect the machine every day before use to ensure it is safe for operation. In case of noticing any irregularities, they must immediately notify the lessor’s service department (at the number: 01/3335675 or 099/3234704, or email: and must not operate the machine until the lessor’s service department inspects it; otherwise, they bear responsibility for any consequences of an unfortunate event related to it.

The truck-mounted basket has a full fuel tank and must be returned in the same condition; otherwise, the cost of fuel will be charged to the customer.