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Street cleaners

Industrial cleaners, street washers and vacuum cleaners, communal equipment

Cleaners, vacuum cleaners and washers of roads and highways or industrial and commercial cleaners – Visina DIR d.o.o. offers a wide range of street and industrial cleaners from well-known brands such as Dulevo, which have been maintaining streets, warehouses, office buildings and shopping centers around the world for decades. These are machines that keep up with the times and are constantly working to innovate and improve technology in the categories:

Electrically powered machines, machines with reduced noise emission – all this is in their offer to meet the needs of modern society.

Visina DIR d.o.o. is the authorized Croatian representative of world-famous manufacturers and we are sure that we will find a machine that will suit your needs. Just contact us and we will put you in touch with our sales representative who will recommend a machine that suits your needs. Don’t worry about delivery – we provide it; don’t worry about the service – because we also have an authorized service!

More than 1,500 satisfied customers and clients testify to our reliability. Our machines are up to the task!

Are you interested in buying street or industrial cleaners from our offer?

Contact us. We are at your disposal for all questions.