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Multione multifunctional loaders

Leveling the ground? Can do. Excavating? Can do. Trimming hedges? Can do. Mowing grass? Can do. Lifting bales, pallets, or mounds of soil? It can do it all! There’s nothing a MULTIONE loader can’t do with its attachments. These Italian machines are a true example of the meaning of the word “multifunctionality”!

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Advantages of MULTIONE loaders:

Price-quality ratio
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MULTIONE loaders are used for:

Visina DIR d.o.o. is the representative of MULTIONE for the Republic of Croatia

With us, you get advice on choosing a machine, as well as the option of having the purchased or rented machine delivered to any location within the Republic of Croatia.

Our service centers are located in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Osijek, Rijeka, and Pazin.